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Glenn Singleman

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Dr Glenn Singleman is a medical doctor, climber and BASE-jumper.

In 1992 he and Nic Feteris BASE-jumped (parachuted from a fixed object) from the tallest cliff in the world, the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan at an altitude of 19,537 feet [6258 metres]. The two men reached a speed of 200 kilometres per hour as they free fell for 10 seconds while only inches away from a vertical wall of granite. They then glided by parachute for 3 minutes to land on the Dunge Glacier at 13,800 feet.

The expedition, a world record, constituted a dramatic and extraordinary adventure which has few parallels.

An experienced cameraman, Glenn subsequently produced the film 'BASEClimb' which succeeded in capturing the excitement and spirit of this remarkable story. Dick Smith describes it as "...one of the best adventure films that I have ever seen". 'BASEClimb' screened in 127 countries to over 200 million people. It won 21 International Awards, set new standards in its category and became National Geographic Channel's top selling adventure documentary.

Glenn has filmed many of his own and others’ adventures, both underwater and at the top of mountains. He was cameraman and team doctor on 'Fire on the Wind – Mt Everest Balloon Challenge', an adventure documentary for the National Geographic about the first hot air balloon flight over Mt Everest.

Glenn is an articulate and motivating speaker who literally has his audiences on the edge of their seats. His outstanding audiovisual footage provides an intense climax that separates his story from so many others. He speaks on vision building, preparation, determination, goal setting, teamwork, leadership and risk management. Throughout his addresses Glenn strongly parallels the relationship between his expeditions and business.


  • Glenn linked his presentation well with business themes. The audience thought he was excellent, inspirational and a real highlight.—Lion Breweries

  • Glenn provided a lateral and motivational perspective on life and business that exceeded all expectations.—Corporate Visibility Ltd [for Holden (NZ) Ltd]

  • Wow. His understated statement of the amazing held everyone's attention. Totally inspiring. The accompanying film was a show stopper.—Woolworths (NZ) Ltd

Favourite quotes

  • BASE jumping off the highest cliff in the world wasn't about madness, it was about overcoming fear. Self doubt and fear are powerful "mental barriers" to achievement. The BASE Climb expedition was about balancing passion with meticulous process to overcome fear and achieve an outcome that many branded "impossible".

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